About Discovercams

We don’t really talk about ourselves because we like to show rather than tell but a few words won’t hurt. Discovercams is a passion project, one near and dear to our hearts and we hope it has become dear to you, our amazing users. We only have a couple of. years in the industry but we have already risen to be one of the top camming sites with people coming from all corners of the world to chat and enjoy the shows off our smoking-hot models. What more can we want really? We fill fulfilled and we hope to continue providing quality cams and models to you. Enjoy Discovercams, explore it, live it, then please also leave us some feedback so we know what we do makes a difference.

The Mission

We knew our mission since day one: to put on the table quality sex cams that you can jerk off to at any moment of the day. And we feel we managed that. But this is an ongoing project. The work is never done and each day we strive to be a little better than before. Discovecams, we like to think, changes how the game is played. No longer are you sitting in front of a computer not being able to interact with the porn in front of you. Now, with us, you can be as interactive as possible with our models. You can tip them to say Hi or Thank you or make them smile. You can buzz their toys for maximum pleasure, as hard or as long as you want, and there’s, even more, you can do. Start private shows to be alone with the model, and begin c2c sessions to share your cam so that you can feel as close as possible. And we are working to implement even more options including POV cams to truly make your immersion 100%. This is our mission to keep improving live sex cams as we know them, to innovate, to motivate, to make you feel as close as you can be to the models of your dreams.


If you visited our Team page you already got to know the incredible people who work for Discovercams and make everything happen and the world go round. It’s a small team but a dedicated one that only has one goal: to make the site safe, secure and fun for you to enjoy! If you have any problems feel free to contact us via our Contact page or go to our Support page if you need help for technical reasons.

How did Discovercams start?

After a brainstorming session really. Our current team got together with the goal to create a site that’s fast, simple to use, with tons of cams and that’s FREE. So Discovercams was born. At first, it was small but now we have thousands of models and we updated our library weekly and we plan on adding even more features to make your experience as immersive as it can be.

There is more to be said about us, our team, about Discovercams but we’d rather let our work and the site talk for us. If you have fun on it, if you discover, heh heh, the models of your dreams, if you find yourself coming back again and again then we’ve done our job.