Discovercams owes a lot to its users because we would not be the camming site we are now without their support, their feedback and their enthusiasm for what we do. As such we want to put the spotlight on them today and show you a few of the well-wishes, opinions and feedback we’ve got along the way.

We care about what you think this is why we encourage you to speak up so we know when we do well when we need to improve and what we can do to make your experience a five-star one.

But enough talking let’s let the users take this one and tell us what they think of Discovercams!


”So many categories love this so much. Never get bored.”


”I like that every day I see new faces plus i get notified when a model goes online super handy.”


”hot babes i wanna fuck all day get me hard so fast.”


”I like how friendly the models and the support team are. Had an issue and they helped me solve it in 10 mins.”


”Frst site I check in the morning no lie”


”yeah crazy I could use more milfs but other than that good”


”i discover smth new each day. ok ill show myself out.”


” it only gets better, especially with the ebony babes”

We could go on but you can see these users really love what we’re all about. And yes we will add even more MILFs of all sizes and shapes, don’t you worry over there. Our model scouts always aim to update the collections so you always have new faces to look at. Watch this space for even more reviews and if you feel you can help improve Discovercams feel free to Contact Us. We would love to hear from you.