The team

It is time! Time to introduce you to the best team we could have asked for. They make everything work and shine here and Discovercams and we couldn’t be more proud of them. Today we want you to meet them, you are fabulous users, and see who exactly brings you the finest models, who helps you with technical issues, and who has your back so that you can have unlimited fun on our site. It’s the dream team alright and you are going to meet each and every one of them.

Ladies and gentlemen the Discovercams team is here for you!

Marianne Peters

The Head of the Tech Department

If anything goes wrong tech-wise I am your girl. I can fix anything or help you find the cause for why it’s happening. Are streams looking wonky or not loading? Is the site fussy? Are models not showing well on other devices? Write to us on our Suppor page and I will get right to it to figure this out with you.

Nicholas Buchanan

Chief model scout

I am the one who approves all those hot babes, studs and trannies you see on the site. If I think they’re worthy of your attention then I will say YES to them. I want only the best for you and I am not willing to make any compromises on that.

Bertha Cohen

Model Scout

Finding models for Discovercams is not an easy task but I wouldn’t do anything else. I love searching for and discovering new talents that deserve to be on our site. My favorite part is seeing them beam as they put on their first shows for you.

John Mcdonald

Model Scout

I help Bertha find the perfect models for you and together we make quite the team but we love what we do. Sure it takes a lot of hours but at the end of the day seeing you happy because you’ve found the right babe or stud for you is thanks enough for us. Bertha and I work weekly to expand the collections and add new models as soon as we find them.

Charlotte Thomas

Head of marketing and copywriting

You know why you’re here if you’ve heard of us and you got curious. That’s my job. To get you here and make you curious about what we do here at Discovercams. if I manage to do that then I consider it a win. I put the spotlight where it deserves to be: on you and on the site!

Our team is not large but we manage well to cover all our bases while also having some well-deserved fun at the office during downtimes. At Discovercams we want our team to have the best experience at work so that they can make the site safe, friendly and secure for you while also delivering stellar models right to your smart device. Go on now and have some fun, chat a little, watch some shows, find your perfect model, and thank us later. Now it’s your time to shine, to get excited to have your dreams made true. Remember! We are here to help you any time you need!